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GrBackendRenderTarget Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GrBackendRenderTarget (int width, int height, int sampleCnt, int stencilBits, GrPixelConfig config, const GrGLFramebufferInfo &glInfo)
int width () const
int height () const
int sampleCnt () const
int stencilBits () const
GrPixelConfig config () const
GrBackend backend () const
const GrGLFramebufferInfo * getGLFramebufferInfo () const

Private Member Functions

 GrBackendRenderTarget (const GrBackendRenderTargetDesc &desc, GrBackend backend)

Private Attributes

int fWidth
int fHeight
int fSampleCnt
int fStencilBits
GrPixelConfig fConfig
GrBackend fBackend
union {
   GrGLFramebufferInfo   fGLInfo


class SkSurface

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