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SkCanvas::SaveLayerRec Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SaveLayerRec (const SkRect *bounds, const SkPaint *paint, SaveLayerFlags saveLayerFlags=0)
 SaveLayerRec (const SkRect *bounds, const SkPaint *paint, const SkImageFilter *backdrop, SaveLayerFlags saveLayerFlags)
 SaveLayerRec (const SkRect *bounds, const SkPaint *paint, const SkImageFilter *backdrop, const SkImage *clipMask, const SkMatrix *clipMatrix, SaveLayerFlags saveLayerFlags)

Public Attributes

const SkRectfBounds = nullptr
const SkPaintfPaint = nullptr
const SkImageFilterfBackdrop = nullptr
const SkImagefClipMask = nullptr
const SkMatrixfClipMatrix = nullptr
SaveLayerFlags fSaveLayerFlags = 0

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