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SkFont Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkFont, including all inherited members.

countText(const void *text, size_t byteLength, SkTextEncoding encoding) (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
fFlags (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
Flags enum nameSkFont
fMaskType (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
fScaleX (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
fSize (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
fSkewX (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
fTypeface (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
getFlags() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
getMaskType() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
getRefCnt() const SkRefCntBaseinline
getScaleX() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
getSize() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
getSkewX() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
getTypeface() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
internal_dispose_restore_refcnt_to_1() const SkRefCntBaseinlineprotected
isDevKern() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
isEmbolden() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
isEnableAutoHints() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
isEnableByteCodeHints() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
isUseNonLinearMetrics() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
isVertical() const (defined in SkFont)SkFontinline
kA8_MaskType enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kAllFlags enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
kBW_MaskType enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kDevKern_Flag enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kEmbeddedBitmaps_Flag enum valueSkFont
kEmbolden_Flag enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kEnableAutoHints_Flag enum valueSkFont
kEnableByteCodeHints_Flag enum valueSkFont
kGenA8FromLCD_Flag enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kLCD_MaskType enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
kUseNonlinearMetrics_Flag enum valueSkFont
kVertical_Flag enum value (defined in SkFont)SkFont
Make(sk_sp< SkTypeface >, SkScalar size, MaskType, uint32_t flags) (defined in SkFont)SkFontstatic
Make(sk_sp< SkTypeface >, SkScalar size, SkScalar scaleX, SkScalar skewX, MaskType, uint32_t flags) (defined in SkFont)SkFontstatic
makeWithFlags(uint32_t newFlags) const SkFont
makeWithSize(SkScalar size) const SkFont
MaskType enum name (defined in SkFont)SkFont
measureText(const void *text, size_t byteLength, SkTextEncoding) const (defined in SkFont)SkFont
ref() const SkRefCntBaseinline
SkFont(sk_sp< SkTypeface >, SkScalar size, SkScalar scaleX, SkScalar skewX, MaskType, uint32_t flags) (defined in SkFont)SkFontprivate
Testing_CreateFromPaint(const SkPaint &) (defined in SkFont)SkFontstatic
textToGlyphs(const void *text, size_t byteLength, SkTextEncoding, SkGlyphID glyphs[], int maxGlyphCount) const (defined in SkFont)SkFont
unique() const SkRefCntBaseinline
unref() const SkRefCntBaseinline
validate() const (defined in SkRefCntBase)SkRefCntBaseinline