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SkMask Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkMask, including all inherited members.

AllocImage(size_t bytes) (defined in SkMask)SkMaskstatic
computeImageSize() const SkMask
computeTotalImageSize() const SkMask
CreateMode enum nameSkMask
fBounds (defined in SkMask)SkMask
fFormat (defined in SkMask)SkMask
fImage (defined in SkMask)SkMask
Format enum nameSkMask
FreeImage(void *image) (defined in SkMask)SkMaskstatic
fRowBytes (defined in SkMask)SkMask
getAddr(int x, int y) const SkMask
getAddr1(int x, int y) const SkMaskinline
getAddr32(int x, int y) const SkMaskinline
getAddr8(int x, int y) const SkMaskinline
getAddrLCD16(int x, int y) const SkMaskinline
isEmpty() const SkMaskinline
k3D_Format enum valueSkMask
kA8_Format enum valueSkMask
kARGB32_Format enum valueSkMask
kBW_Format enum valueSkMask
kComputeBoundsAndRenderImage_CreateMode enum valueSkMask
kCountMaskFormats enum value (defined in SkMask)SkMask
kJustComputeBounds_CreateMode enum valueSkMask
kJustRenderImage_CreateMode enum valueSkMask
kLCD16_Format enum valueSkMask
SkMask() (defined in SkMask)SkMaskinline