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SkPaint Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkPaint, including all inherited members.

Align enum name (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
breakText(const void *text, size_t length, SkScalar maxWidth, SkScalar *measuredWidth=NULL) const SkPaint
canComputeFastBounds() const SkPaint
Cap enum nameSkPaint
computeFastBounds(const SkRect &orig, SkRect *storage) const SkPaintinline
computeFastStrokeBounds(const SkRect &orig, SkRect *storage) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
computeLuminanceColor() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
containsText(const void *text, size_t byteLength) const SkPaint
countText(const void *text, size_t byteLength) const SkPaintinline
descriptorProc(const SkSurfaceProps *surfaceProps, uint32_t scalerContextFlags, const SkMatrix *deviceMatrix, void(*proc)(SkTypeface *, const SkScalerContextEffects &, const SkDescriptor *, void *), void *context) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
detachCache(const SkSurfaceProps *surfaceProps, uint32_t scalerContextFlags, const SkMatrix *) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
doComputeFastBounds(const SkRect &orig, SkRect *storage, Style style) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fBitfields (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fBitfieldsUInt (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fBlendMode (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fCapType (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fColor (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fColorFilter (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fDrawLooper (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fFilterQuality (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fFlags (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fHinting (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fImageFilter (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fJoinType (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
Flags enum nameSkPaint
flatten(SkWriteBuffer &buffer) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fMaskFilter (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fMiterLimit (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fPathEffect (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fRasterizer (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fShader (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fStyle (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fTextAlign (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fTextEncoding (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
fTextScaleX (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fTextSize (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fTextSkewX (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fTypeface (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
fWidth (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
getAlpha() const SkPaintinline
getBlendMode() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getColor() const SkPaintinline
getColorFilter() const SkPaintinline
getDrawLooper() const SkPaintinline
getFillPath(const SkPath &src, SkPath *dst, const SkRect *cullRect, SkScalar resScale=1) const SkPaint
getFillPath(const SkPath &src, SkPath *dst) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getFilterQuality() const SkPaintinline
getFlags() const SkPaintinline
getFontBounds() const SkPaint
getFontMetrics(FontMetrics *metrics, SkScalar scale=0) const SkPaint
getFontSpacing() const SkPaintinline
GetGlyphCacheProc(TextEncoding encoding, bool isDevKern, bool needFullMetrics) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivatestatic
getHash() const SkPaint
getHinting() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getImageFilter() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getLooper() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getMaskFilter() const SkPaintinline
getPathEffect() const SkPaintinline
getPosTextHIntercepts(const void *text, size_t length, const SkScalar xpos[], SkScalar constY, const SkScalar bounds[2], SkScalar *intervals) const SkPaint
getPosTextIntercepts(const void *text, size_t length, const SkPoint pos[], const SkScalar bounds[2], SkScalar *intervals) const SkPaint
getPosTextPath(const void *text, size_t length, const SkPoint pos[], SkPath *path) const SkPaint
getRasterizer() const SkPaintinline
getScalerContextDescriptor(SkScalerContextEffects *, SkAutoDescriptor *, const SkSurfaceProps &surfaceProps, uint32_t scalerContextFlags, const SkMatrix *) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
getShader() const SkPaintinline
getStrokeCap() const SkPaintinline
getStrokeJoin() const SkPaintinline
getStrokeMiter() const SkPaintinline
getStrokeWidth() const SkPaintinline
getStyle() const SkPaintinline
getTextAlign() const SkPaintinline
getTextBlobIntercepts(const SkTextBlob *blob, const SkScalar bounds[2], SkScalar *intervals) const SkPaint
getTextEncoding() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
getTextIntercepts(const void *text, size_t length, SkScalar x, SkScalar y, const SkScalar bounds[2], SkScalar *intervals) const SkPaint
getTextPath(const void *text, size_t length, SkScalar x, SkScalar y, SkPath *path) const SkPaint
getTextScaleX() const SkPaintinline
getTextSize() const SkPaintinline
getTextSkewX() const SkPaintinline
getTextWidths(const void *text, size_t byteLength, SkScalar widths[], SkRect bounds[]=NULL) const SkPaint
getTypeface() const SkPaintinline
GlyphCacheProc typedef (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
glyphsToUnichars(const SkGlyphID glyphs[], int count, SkUnichar text[]) const SkPaint
GrAtlasTextBlob (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
GrAtlasTextContext (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
GrGLPathRendering (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
GrPathRendering (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
GrStencilAndCoverTextContext (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
GrTextUtils (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
Hinting enum nameSkPaint
isAntiAlias() const SkPaintinline
isAutohinted() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
isDevKernText() const SkPaintinline
isDither() const SkPaintinline
isEmbeddedBitmapText() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
isFakeBoldText() const SkPaintinline
isLCDRenderText() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
isLinearText() const SkPaintinline
isSrcOver() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
isSubpixelText() const SkPaintinline
isVerticalText() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
Join enum nameSkPaint
kAlignCount enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kAllFlags enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kAntiAlias_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kAutoHinting_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kBevel_Join enum valueSkPaint
kBoostContrast_ScalerContextFlag enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
kButt_Cap enum valueSkPaint
kCanonicalTextSizeForPaths enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
kCapCount (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintstatic
kCenter_Align enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kDefault_Cap enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kDefault_Join enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kDevKernText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kDither_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kEmbeddedBitmapText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kFakeBoldText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kFakeGamma_ScalerContextFlag enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
kFakeGammaAndBoostContrast_ScalerContextFlags enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
kFill_Style enum valueSkPaint
kFull_Hinting enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kGenA8FromLCD_Flag enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kGlyphID_TextEncoding enum valueSkPaint
kJoinCount (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintstatic
kLast_Cap enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kLast_Join enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kLCDRenderText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kLeft_Align enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kLinearText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kMiter_Join enum valueSkPaint
kNo_Hinting enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kNone_ScalerContextFlags enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
kNormal_Hinting enum valueSkPaint
kRight_Align enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kRound_Cap enum valueSkPaint
kRound_Join enum valueSkPaint
kSlight_Hinting enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kSquare_Cap enum valueSkPaint
kStroke_Style enum valueSkPaint
kStrokeAndFill_Style enum valueSkPaint
kStyleCount enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
kSubpixelText_Flag enum valueSkPaint
kUTF16_TextEncoding enum valueSkPaint
kUTF32_TextEncoding enum valueSkPaint
kUTF8_TextEncoding enum valueSkPaint
kVerticalText_Flag enum value (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
MaxCacheSize2() (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivatestatic
measure_text(SkGlyphCache *, const char *text, size_t length, int *count, SkRect *bounds) const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
measureText(const void *text, size_t length, SkRect *bounds) const SkPaint
measureText(const void *text, size_t length) const SkPaintinline
nothingToDraw() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
operator!= (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
operator=(const SkPaint &paint) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
operator=(SkPaint &&paint) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
operator==(const SkPaint &a, const SkPaint &b)SkPaintfriend
refColorFilter() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refDrawLooper() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refImageFilter() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refMaskFilter() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refPathEffect() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refRasterizer() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refShader() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
refTypeface() const (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
ScalerContextFlags enum name (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
setAlpha(U8CPU a)SkPaint
setAntiAlias(bool aa)SkPaint
setARGB(U8CPU a, U8CPU r, U8CPU g, U8CPU b)SkPaint
setAutohinted(bool useAutohinter)SkPaint
setBlendMode(SkBlendMode mode) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintinline
setColor(SkColor color)SkPaint
setColorFilter(sk_sp< SkColorFilter > colorFilter)SkPaint
setDevKernText(bool devKernText)SkPaint
setDither(bool dither)SkPaint
setDrawLooper(sk_sp< SkDrawLooper > drawLooper)SkPaint
setEmbeddedBitmapText(bool useEmbeddedBitmapText)SkPaint
setFakeBoldText(bool fakeBoldText)SkPaint
setFilterQuality(SkFilterQuality quality)SkPaint
setFlags(uint32_t flags)SkPaint
setHinting(Hinting hintingLevel) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
setImageFilter(sk_sp< SkImageFilter > imageFilter) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
setLCDRenderText(bool lcdText)SkPaint
setLinearText(bool linearText)SkPaint
setLooper(sk_sp< SkDrawLooper > drawLooper) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
setMaskFilter(sk_sp< SkMaskFilter > maskFilter)SkPaint
setPathEffect(sk_sp< SkPathEffect > pathEffect)SkPaint
setRasterizer(sk_sp< SkRasterizer > rasterizer)SkPaint
setShader(sk_sp< SkShader > shader)SkPaint
setStrokeCap(Cap cap)SkPaint
setStrokeJoin(Join join)SkPaint
setStrokeMiter(SkScalar miter)SkPaint
setStrokeWidth(SkScalar width)SkPaint
setStyle(Style style)SkPaint
setSubpixelText(bool subpixelText)SkPaint
setTextAlign(Align align)SkPaint
setTextEncoding(TextEncoding encoding) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
setTextScaleX(SkScalar scaleX)SkPaint
setTextSize(SkScalar textSize)SkPaint
setTextSkewX(SkScalar skewX)SkPaint
setTypeface(sk_sp< SkTypeface > typeface)SkPaint
setupForAsPaths() (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivate
setVerticalText(bool verticalText)SkPaint
SkAutoGlyphCache (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkAutoGlyphCacheNoGamma (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkCanonicalizePaint (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkCanvas (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkDraw (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkPaint() (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
SkPaint(const SkPaint &paint) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
SkPaint(SkPaint &&paint) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
SkPDFDevice (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkScalerContext (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
SkTextBaseIter (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintfriend
Style enum nameSkPaint
TextEncoding enum nameSkPaint
textToGlyphs(const void *text, size_t byteLength, SkGlyphID glyphs[]) const SkPaint
TooBigToUseCache(const SkMatrix &ctm, const SkMatrix &textM) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaintprivatestatic
unflatten(SkReadBuffer &buffer) (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint
~SkPaint() (defined in SkPaint)SkPaint