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SkPath Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkPath, including all inherited members.

addArc(const SkRect &oval, SkScalar startAngle, SkScalar sweepAngle)SkPath
addCircle(SkScalar x, SkScalar y, SkScalar radius, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addOval(const SkRect &oval, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addOval(const SkRect &oval, Direction dir, unsigned start)SkPath
addPath(const SkPath &src, SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy, AddPathMode mode=kAppend_AddPathMode)SkPath
addPath(const SkPath &src, AddPathMode mode=kAppend_AddPathMode)SkPathinline
addPath(const SkPath &src, const SkMatrix &matrix, AddPathMode mode=kAppend_AddPathMode)SkPath
AddPathMode enum nameSkPath
addPoly(const SkPoint pts[], int count, bool close)SkPath
addRect(const SkRect &rect, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addRect(const SkRect &rect, Direction dir, unsigned start)SkPath
addRect(SkScalar left, SkScalar top, SkScalar right, SkScalar bottom, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addRoundRect(const SkRect &rect, SkScalar rx, SkScalar ry, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addRoundRect(const SkRect &rect, const SkScalar radii[], Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addRRect(const SkRRect &rrect, Direction dir=kCW_Direction)SkPath
addRRect(const SkRRect &rrect, Direction dir, unsigned start)SkPath
ArcSize enum nameSkPath
arcTo(const SkRect &oval, SkScalar startAngle, SkScalar sweepAngle, bool forceMoveTo)SkPath
arcTo(SkScalar x1, SkScalar y1, SkScalar x2, SkScalar y2, SkScalar radius)SkPath
arcTo(const SkPoint p1, const SkPoint p2, SkScalar radius)SkPathinline
arcTo(SkScalar rx, SkScalar ry, SkScalar xAxisRotate, ArcSize largeArc, Direction sweep, SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPath
arcTo(const SkPoint r, SkScalar xAxisRotate, ArcSize largeArc, Direction sweep, const SkPoint xy) (defined in SkPath)SkPathinline
computeTightBounds() const SkPath
conicTo(SkScalar x1, SkScalar y1, SkScalar x2, SkScalar y2, SkScalar w) (defined in SkPath)SkPath
conicTo(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, SkScalar w) (defined in SkPath)SkPathinline
conservativelyContainsRect(const SkRect &rect) const SkPath
contains(SkScalar x, SkScalar y) const SkPath
ConvertConicToQuads(const SkPoint &p0, const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, SkScalar w, SkPoint pts[], int pow2)SkPathstatic
ConvertToNonInverseFillType(FillType fill)SkPathinlinestatic
Convexity enum name (defined in SkPath)SkPath
copyFields(const SkPath &that)SkPathprivate
countPoints() const SkPath
countVerbs() const SkPath
cubicTo(SkScalar x1, SkScalar y1, SkScalar x2, SkScalar y2, SkScalar x3, SkScalar y3)SkPath
cubicTo(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, const SkPoint &p3)SkPathinline
Direction enum nameSkPath
dump(SkWStream *stream, bool forceClose, bool dumpAsHex) const (defined in SkPath)SkPath
dump() const (defined in SkPath)SkPath
dumpHex() const (defined in SkPath)SkPath
experimentalValidateRef() const (defined in SkPath)SkPathinline
fConvexity (defined in SkPath)SkPathmutableprivate
fFillType (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
fFirstDirection (defined in SkPath)SkPathmutableprivate
FillType enum nameSkPath
fIsVolatile (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
fLastMoveToIndex (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
ForceIsRRect_Private (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
fPathRef (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
getBounds() const SkPathinline
getConvexity() const SkPathinline
getConvexityOrUnknown() const SkPathinline
getFillType() const SkPathinline
getGenerationID() const SkPath
getLastPt(SkPoint *lastPt) const SkPath
getPoint(int index) const SkPath
getPoints(SkPoint points[], int max) const SkPath
getSegmentMasks() const SkPathinline
getVerbs(uint8_t verbs[], int max) const SkPath
hasComputedBounds() const SkPathinlineprivate
hasOnlyMoveTos() const (defined in SkPath)SkPathinlineprivate
incReserve(unsigned extraPtCount)SkPath
injectMoveToIfNeeded() (defined in SkPath)SkPathinlineprivate
internalGetConvexity() const (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
interpolate(const SkPath &ending, SkScalar weight, SkPath *out) const SkPath
isConvex() const SkPathinline
IsCubicDegenerate(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, const SkPoint &p3, const SkPoint &p4, bool exact)SkPathinlinestatic
isEmpty() const SkPathinline
isFinite() const SkPathinline
isInterpolatable(const SkPath &compare) const SkPath
isInverseFillType() const SkPathinline
IsInverseFillType(FillType fill)SkPathinlinestatic
isLastContourClosed() const SkPath
isLine(SkPoint line[2]) const SkPath
IsLineDegenerate(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, bool exact)SkPathinlinestatic
isNestedFillRects(SkRect rect[2], Direction dirs[2]=NULL) const SkPath
isOval(SkRect *rect, Direction *dir=nullptr, unsigned *start=nullptr) const SkPathinline
IsQuadDegenerate(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2, const SkPoint &p3, bool exact)SkPathinlinestatic
isRect(SkRect *rect, bool *isClosed=NULL, Direction *direction=NULL) const SkPath
isRectContour(bool allowPartial, int *currVerb, const SkPoint **pts, bool *isClosed, Direction *direction) const (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
isRRect(SkRRect *rrect, Direction *dir=nullptr, unsigned *start=nullptr) const SkPathinline
isVolatile() const SkPathinline
isZeroLength() const (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
Iter (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
kAppend_AddPathMode enum valueSkPath
kCCW_Direction enum valueSkPath
kClose_Verb enum valueSkPath
kConcave_Convexity enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kConic_SegmentMask enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kConic_Verb enum valueSkPath
kConvex_Convexity enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kConvexity_SerializationShift enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kCubic_SegmentMask enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kCubic_Verb enum valueSkPath
kCurrent_Version enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kCW_Direction enum valueSkPath
kDirection_SerializationShift enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kDone_Verb enum valueSkPath
kEvenOdd_FillType enum valueSkPath
kExtend_AddPathMode enum valueSkPath
kFillType_SerializationShift enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kInverseEvenOdd_FillType enum valueSkPath
kInverseWinding_FillType enum valueSkPath
kIsVolatile_SerializationShift enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kLarge_ArcSize enum valueSkPath
kLine_SegmentMask enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kLine_Verb enum valueSkPath
kMove_Verb enum valueSkPath
kPathPrivFirstDirection_Version enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kPathPrivLastMoveToIndex_Version enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kPathRefGenIDBitCnt (defined in SkPath)SkPathstatic
kQuad_SegmentMask enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kQuad_Verb enum valueSkPath
kSmall_ArcSize enum valueSkPath
kUnknown_Convexity enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPath
kUnused1_SerializationShift enum value (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
kWinding_FillType enum valueSkPath
lineTo(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPath
lineTo(const SkPoint &p)SkPathinline
moveTo(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPath
moveTo(const SkPoint &p)SkPathinline
offset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy, SkPath *dst) const SkPath
offset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkPathinline
operator!= (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
operator=(const SkPath &path) (defined in SkPath)SkPath
operator== (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
PathTest_Private (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
quadTo(SkScalar x1, SkScalar y1, SkScalar x2, SkScalar y2)SkPath
quadTo(const SkPoint &p1, const SkPoint &p2)SkPathinline
rArcTo(SkScalar rx, SkScalar ry, SkScalar xAxisRotate, ArcSize largeArc, Direction sweep, SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkPath
rConicTo(SkScalar dx1, SkScalar dy1, SkScalar dx2, SkScalar dy2, SkScalar w) (defined in SkPath)SkPath
rCubicTo(SkScalar x1, SkScalar y1, SkScalar x2, SkScalar y2, SkScalar x3, SkScalar y3)SkPath
readFromMemory(const void *buffer, size_t length)SkPath
reverseAddPath(const SkPath &src)SkPath
reversePathTo(const SkPath &) (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
rLineTo(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkPath
rMoveTo(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkPath
rQuadTo(SkScalar dx1, SkScalar dy1, SkScalar dx2, SkScalar dy2)SkPath
SegmentMask enum name (defined in SkPath)SkPath
SerializationOffsets enum name (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
SerializationVersions enum name (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
setBounds(const SkRect &rect) (defined in SkPath)SkPathinlineprivate
setConvexity(Convexity convexity)SkPath
setFillType(FillType ft)SkPathinline
setIsConvex(bool isConvex)SkPathinline
setIsVolatile(bool isVolatile)SkPathinline
setLastPt(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPath
setLastPt(const SkPoint &p)SkPathinline
setPt(int index, SkScalar x, SkScalar y) (defined in SkPath)SkPathprivate
SkAutoDisableDirectionCheck (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkAutoDisableOvalCheck (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkAutoPathBoundsUpdate (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkBench_AddPathTest (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkOpBuilder (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkPath() (defined in SkPath)SkPath
SkPath(const SkPath &path) (defined in SkPath)SkPath
SkPathPriv (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkPathStroker (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
SkPathWriter (defined in SkPath)SkPathfriend
swap(SkPath &other)SkPath
transform(const SkMatrix &matrix, SkPath *dst) const SkPath
transform(const SkMatrix &matrix)SkPathinline
updateBoundsCache() const SkPathinline
validate() const (defined in SkPath)SkPath
Verb enum nameSkPath
writeToMemory(void *buffer) const SkPath
~SkPath() (defined in SkPath)SkPath