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SkRRect Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkRRect, including all inherited members.

allCornersCircular(SkScalar tolerance=SK_ScalarNearlyZero) const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
checkCornerContainment(SkScalar x, SkScalar y) const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
computeType() (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
contains(const SkRect &rect) const SkRRect
Corner enum name (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
dump(bool asHex) const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
dump() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
dumpHex() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
fRadii (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
fRect (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
fType (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
getBounds() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
getSimpleRadii() const SkRRectinline
getType() const SkRRectinline
height() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
inset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy, SkRRect *dst) const SkRRect
inset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isCircle() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isComplex() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isEmpty() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isNinePatch() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isOval() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isRect() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isSimple() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isSimpleCircular() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
isValid() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kComplex_Type enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kEmpty_Type enum valueSkRRect
kLowerLeft_Corner enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kLowerRight_Corner enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kNinePatch_Type enum valueSkRRect
kOval_Type enum valueSkRRect
kRect_Type enum valueSkRRect
kSimple_Type enum valueSkRRect
kSizeInMemory enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kUpperLeft_Corner enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
kUpperRight_Corner enum value (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
MakeEmpty() (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinlinestatic
makeOffset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy) const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
MakeOval(const SkRect &oval) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinlinestatic
MakeRect(const SkRect &r) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinlinestatic
MakeRectXY(const SkRect &rect, SkScalar xRad, SkScalar yRad) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinlinestatic
offset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkRRectinline
operator!= (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectfriend
operator=(const SkRRect &)=default (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
operator== (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectfriend
outset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy, SkRRect *dst) const SkRRectinline
outset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
radii(Corner corner) const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
readFromMemory(const void *buffer, size_t length)SkRRect
rect() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
scaleRadii() (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectprivate
setNinePatch(const SkRect &rect, SkScalar leftRad, SkScalar topRad, SkScalar rightRad, SkScalar bottomRad)SkRRect
setOval(const SkRect &oval)SkRRectinline
setRect(const SkRect &rect)SkRRectinline
setRectRadii(const SkRect &rect, const SkVector radii[4])SkRRect
setRectXY(const SkRect &rect, SkScalar xRad, SkScalar yRad)SkRRect
SkPath (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectfriend
SkRRect() (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
SkRRect(const SkRRect &)=default (defined in SkRRect)SkRRect
SkRRect(const SkRect &rect, const SkVector radii[4], int32_t type) (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinlineprivate
transform(const SkMatrix &matrix, SkRRect *dst) const SkRRect
type() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
Type enum nameSkRRect
width() const (defined in SkRRect)SkRRectinline
writeToMemory(void *buffer) const SkRRect