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SkRWBuffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkRWBuffer, including all inherited members.

append(const void *buffer, size_t length, size_t reserve=0)SkRWBuffer
fHead (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBufferprivate
fTail (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBufferprivate
fTotalUsed (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBufferprivate
makeROBufferSnapshot() const (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBufferinline
makeStreamSnapshot() const (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBuffer
size() const (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBufferinline
SkRWBuffer(size_t initialCapacity=0) (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBuffer
validate() const (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBuffer
~SkRWBuffer() (defined in SkRWBuffer)SkRWBuffer