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SkRegion Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkRegion, including all inherited members.

allocateRuns(int count) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
allocateRuns(int count, int ySpanCount, int intervalCount) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
allocateRuns(const RunHead &src) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
android::Region (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
BuildRectRuns(const SkIRect &bounds, RunType runs[kRectRegionRuns]) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivatestatic
computeRegionComplexity() const SkRegion
contains(int32_t x, int32_t y) const SkRegion
contains(const SkIRect &) const SkRegion
contains(const SkRegion &) const SkRegion
count_runtype_values(int *itop, int *ibot) const (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
debugSetRuns(const RunType runs[], int count) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
dump() const (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
fBounds (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
freeRuns() (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
fRunHead (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
getBoundaryPath(SkPath *path) const SkRegion
getBounds() const SkRegioninline
getRuns(RunType tmpStorage[], int *intervals) const SkRegionprivate
intersects(const SkIRect &) const SkRegion
intersects(const SkRegion &) const SkRegion
isComplex() const SkRegioninline
isEmpty() const SkRegioninline
isRect() const SkRegioninline
isValid() const (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
Iterator (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
kDifference_Op enum valueSkRegion
kIntersect_Op enum valueSkRegion
kLastOp enum value (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
kOpCnt (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionstatic
kOpCount enum value (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
kRectRegionRuns enum value (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
kReplace_Op enum valueSkRegion
kReverseDifference_Op enum valueSkRegion
kRunTypeSentinel enum value (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
kUnion_Op enum valueSkRegion
kXOR_Op enum valueSkRegion
Op enum nameSkRegion
op(const SkIRect &rect, Op op)SkRegioninline
op(int left, int top, int right, int bottom, Op op)SkRegioninline
op(const SkRegion &rgn, Op op)SkRegioninline
op(const SkIRect &rect, const SkRegion &rgn, Op)SkRegion
op(const SkRegion &rgn, const SkIRect &rect, Op)SkRegion
op(const SkRegion &rgna, const SkRegion &rgnb, Op op)SkRegion
Oper(const SkRegion &, const SkRegion &, SkRegion::Op, SkRegion *)SkRegionprivatestatic
operator!=(const SkRegion &other) const SkRegioninline
operator=(const SkRegion &) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
operator==(const SkRegion &other) const SkRegion
quickContains(const SkIRect &r) const SkRegioninline
quickContains(int32_t left, int32_t top, int32_t right, int32_t bottom) const SkRegioninline
quickReject(const SkIRect &rect) const SkRegioninline
quickReject(const SkRegion &rgn) const SkRegioninline
readFromMemory(const void *buffer, size_t length)SkRegion
RunHead (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
RunsAreARect(const SkRegion::RunType runs[], int count, SkIRect *bounds) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivatestatic
RunType typedef (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
set(const SkRegion &src)SkRegioninline
setPath(const SkPath &, const SkRegion &clip)SkRegion
setRect(const SkIRect &)SkRegion
setRect(int32_t left, int32_t top, int32_t right, int32_t bottom)SkRegion
setRects(const SkIRect rects[], int count)SkRegion
setRegion(const SkRegion &)SkRegion
setRuns(RunType runs[], int count) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionprivate
SkFlatRegion (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
SkRegion() (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
SkRegion(const SkRegion &) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
SkRegion(const SkIRect &) (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionexplicit
SkRgnBuilder (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
Spanerator (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionfriend
swap(SkRegion &)SkRegion
translate(int dx, int dy)SkRegioninline
translate(int dx, int dy, SkRegion *dst) const SkRegion
UnitTest() (defined in SkRegion)SkRegionstatic
validate() const (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion
writeToMemory(void *buffer) const SkRegion
~SkRegion() (defined in SkRegion)SkRegion