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SkPoint Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkPoint, including all inherited members.

asScalars() const SkPointinline
canNormalize() const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
CanNormalize(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy)SkPointinlinestatic
cross(const SkPoint &vec) const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
CrossProduct(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b)SkPointinlinestatic
Distance(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b)SkPointinlinestatic
distanceToLineBetween(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b, Side *side=NULL) const SkPointinline
distanceToLineBetweenSqd(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b, Side *side=NULL) const SkPoint
distanceToLineSegmentBetween(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b) const SkPointinline
distanceToLineSegmentBetweenSqd(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b) const SkPoint
distanceToOrigin() const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
distanceToSqd(const SkPoint &pt) const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
dot(const SkPoint &vec) const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
DotProduct(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b)SkPointinlinestatic
equals(SkScalar x, SkScalar y) const SkPointinline
equalsWithinTolerance(const SkPoint &p) const SkPointinline
equalsWithinTolerance(const SkPoint &p, SkScalar tol) const SkPointinline
fX (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
fY (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
iset(int32_t x, int32_t y)SkPointinline
iset(const SkIPoint &p)SkPointinline
isFinite() const SkPointinline
isZero() const SkPointinline
kLeft_Side enum value (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
kOn_Side enum value (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
kRight_Side enum value (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
length() const SkPointinline
Length(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPointstatic
lengthSqd() const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
Make(SkScalar x, SkScalar y) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinlinestatic
Normalize(SkPoint *pt)SkPointstatic
offset(SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
Offset(SkPoint points[], int count, const SkPoint &offset) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinlinestatic
Offset(SkPoint points[], int count, SkScalar dx, SkScalar dy) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinlinestatic
operator!= (defined in SkPoint)SkPointfriend
operator*(SkScalar scale) const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
operator*=(SkScalar scale) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
operator+(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b)SkPointfriend
operator+=(const SkPoint &v)SkPointinline
operator-() const SkPointinline
operator-(const SkPoint &a, const SkPoint &b)SkPointfriend
operator-=(const SkPoint &v)SkPointinline
operator== (defined in SkPoint)SkPointfriend
rotateCCW(SkPoint *dst) const SkPoint
rotateCW(SkPoint *dst) const SkPoint
scale(SkScalar scale, SkPoint *dst) const SkPoint
scale(SkScalar value)SkPointinline
set(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPointinline
setAbs(const SkPoint &pt) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
setIRectFan(int l, int t, int r, int b) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
setIRectFan(int l, int t, int r, int b, size_t stride) (defined in SkPoint)SkPoint
setLength(SkScalar length)SkPoint
setLength(SkScalar x, SkScalar y, SkScalar length)SkPoint
setLengthFast(SkScalar length)SkPoint
setLengthFast(SkScalar x, SkScalar y, SkScalar length)SkPoint
setNormalize(SkScalar x, SkScalar y)SkPoint
setOrthog(const SkPoint &vec, Side side=kLeft_Side)SkPointinline
setRectFan(SkScalar l, SkScalar t, SkScalar r, SkScalar b) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
setRectFan(SkScalar l, SkScalar t, SkScalar r, SkScalar b, size_t stride) (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
Side enum nameSkPoint
x() const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline
y() const (defined in SkPoint)SkPointinline