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SkRSXform Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkRSXform, including all inherited members.

fSCos (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXform
fSSin (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXform
fTx (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXform
fTy (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXform
Make(SkScalar scos, SkScalar ssin, SkScalar tx, SkScalar ty) (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminlinestatic
MakeFromRadians(SkScalar scale, SkScalar radians, SkScalar tx, SkScalar ty, SkScalar ax, SkScalar ay) (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminlinestatic
rectStaysRect() const (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminline
set(SkScalar scos, SkScalar ssin, SkScalar tx, SkScalar ty) (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminline
setIdentity() (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminline
toQuad(SkScalar width, SkScalar height, SkPoint quad[4]) const (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXform
toQuad(const SkSize &size, SkPoint quad[4]) const (defined in SkRSXform)SkRSXforminline