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SkBlurMaskFilter Class Reference

Public Types

enum  BlurFlags { kNone_BlurFlag = 0x00, kIgnoreTransform_BlurFlag = 0x01, kHighQuality_BlurFlag = 0x02, kAll_BlurFlag = 0x03 }

Static Public Member Functions

static SkScalar ConvertRadiusToSigma (SkScalar radius)
 If radius > 0, return the corresponding sigma, else return 0. More...
static sk_sp< SkMaskFilterMake (SkBlurStyle style, SkScalar sigma, const SkRect &occluder, uint32_t flags=kNone_BlurFlag)
 Create a blur maskfilter. More...
static sk_sp< SkMaskFilterMake (SkBlurStyle style, SkScalar sigma, uint32_t flags=kNone_BlurFlag)
static bool ComputeBlurredRRectParams (const SkRRect &srcRRect, const SkRRect &devRRect, const SkRect &occluder, SkScalar sigma, SkScalar xformedSigma, SkRRect *rrectToDraw, SkISize *widthHeight, SkScalar rectXs[kMaxDivisions], SkScalar rectYs[kMaxDivisions], SkScalar texXs[kMaxDivisions], SkScalar texYs[kMaxDivisions], int *numXs, int *numYs, uint32_t *skipMask)

Static Public Attributes

static const int kMaxDivisions = 6

Member Enumeration Documentation


The blur layer's radius is not affected by transforms.


Use a smother, higher qulity blur algorithm.


mask for all blur flags

Member Function Documentation

static SkScalar SkBlurMaskFilter::ConvertRadiusToSigma ( SkScalar  radius)

If radius > 0, return the corresponding sigma, else return 0.

Use this to convert from the (legacy) idea of specify the blur "radius" to the standard notion of specifying its sigma.

static sk_sp<SkMaskFilter> SkBlurMaskFilter::Make ( SkBlurStyle  style,
SkScalar  sigma,
const SkRect occluder,
uint32_t  flags = kNone_BlurFlag 

Create a blur maskfilter.

styleThe SkBlurStyle to use
sigmaStandard deviation of the Gaussian blur to apply. Must be > 0.
occluderThe rect for which no pixels need be drawn (b.c. it will be overdrawn with some opaque object. This is just a hint which backends are free to ignore.
flagsFlags to use - defaults to none
The new blur maskfilter

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