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SkDrawLooper::Context Class Referenceabstract

Holds state during a draw. More...

#include <SkDrawLooper.h>

Inheritance diagram for SkDrawLooper::Context:

Public Member Functions

virtual bool next (SkCanvas *canvas, SkPaint *paint)=0
 Called in a loop on objects returned by SkDrawLooper::createContext(). More...

Detailed Description

Holds state during a draw.

Users call next() until it returns false.

Subclasses of SkDrawLooper should create a subclass of this object to hold state specific to their subclass.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SkDrawLooper::Context::next ( SkCanvas canvas,
SkPaint paint 
pure virtual

Called in a loop on objects returned by SkDrawLooper::createContext().

Each time true is returned, the object is drawn (possibly with a modified canvas and/or paint). When false is finally returned, drawing for the object stops.

On each call, the paint will be in its original state, but the canvas will be as it was following the previous call to next() or createContext().

The implementation must ensure that, when next() finally returns false, the canvas has been restored to the state it was initially, before createContext() was first called.

Implemented in SkLayerDrawLooper::LayerDrawLooperContext.

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