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SkImageFilter::CropRect Class Reference

Public Types

enum  CropEdge {
  kHasLeft_CropEdge = 0x01, kHasTop_CropEdge = 0x02, kHasWidth_CropEdge = 0x04, kHasHeight_CropEdge = 0x08,
  kHasAll_CropEdge = 0x0F

Public Member Functions

 CropRect (const SkRect &rect, uint32_t flags=kHasAll_CropEdge)
uint32_t flags () const
const SkRectrect () const
void toString (SkString *str) const
void applyTo (const SkIRect &imageBounds, const SkMatrix &, bool embiggen, SkIRect *cropped) const
 Apply this cropRect to the imageBounds. More...

Private Attributes

SkRect fRect
uint32_t fFlags

Member Function Documentation

void SkImageFilter::CropRect::applyTo ( const SkIRect imageBounds,
const SkMatrix ,
bool  embiggen,
SkIRect cropped 
) const

Apply this cropRect to the imageBounds.

If a given edge of the cropRect is not set, then the corresponding edge from imageBounds will be used. If "embiggen" is true, the crop rect is allowed to enlarge the size of the rect, otherwise it may only reduce the rect. Filters that can affect transparent black should pass "true", while all other filters should pass "false".

Note: imageBounds is in "device" space, as the output cropped rectangle will be, so the matrix is ignored for those. It is only applied the croprect's bounds.

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