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SkLights::Light Class Reference

Public Types

enum  LightType { kDirectional_LightType, kPoint_LightType }

Public Member Functions

 Light (const Light &other)
 Light (Light &&other)
LightType type () const
const SkColor3fcolor () const
const SkVector3dir () const
const SkPoint3pos () const
SkScalar intensity () const
void setShadowMap (sk_sp< SkImage > shadowMap)
SkImagegetShadowMap () const
bool isRadial () const
Lightoperator= (const Light &b)
bool operator== (const Light &b)
bool operator!= (const Light &b)

Static Public Member Functions

static Light MakeDirectional (const SkColor3f &color, const SkVector3 &dir, bool isRadial=false)
static Light MakePoint (const SkColor3f &color, const SkPoint3 &pos, SkScalar intensity, bool isRadial=false)

Private Member Functions

 Light (LightType type, const SkColor3f &color, const SkVector3 &dirOrPos, SkScalar intensity=0.0f, bool isRadial=false)

Private Attributes

LightType fType
SkColor3f fColor
SkVector3 fDirOrPos
SkScalar fIntensity
sk_sp< SkImagefShadowMap
bool fIsRadial


class SkLights

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