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SkPath2DPathEffect Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SkPath2DPathEffect:
Sk2DPathEffect SkPathEffect SkFlattenable SkRefCnt SkRefCntBase

Static Public Member Functions

static sk_sp< SkPathEffectMake (const SkMatrix &matrix, const SkPath &path)
 Stamp the specified path to fill the shape, using the matrix to define the latice.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SkPathEffect
static sk_sp< SkPathEffectMakeSum (sk_sp< SkPathEffect > first, sk_sp< SkPathEffect > second)
 Returns a patheffect that apples each effect (first and second) to the original path, and returns a path with the sum of these. More...
static sk_sp< SkPathEffectMakeCompose (sk_sp< SkPathEffect > outer, sk_sp< SkPathEffect > inner)
 Returns a patheffect that applies the inner effect to the path, and then applies the outer effect to the result of the inner's. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SkFlattenable
static Factory NameToFactory (const char name[])
static const char * FactoryToName (Factory)
static bool NameToType (const char name[], Type *type)
static void Register (const char name[], Factory, Type)

Protected Member Functions

 SkPath2DPathEffect (const SkMatrix &, const SkPath &)
void flatten (SkWriteBuffer &) const override
 Override this if your subclass needs to record data that it will need to recreate itself from its CreateProc (returned by getFactory()).
void next (const SkPoint &, int u, int v, SkPath *) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Sk2DPathEffect
virtual void begin (const SkIRect &uvBounds, SkPath *dst) const
 New virtual, to be overridden by subclasses. More...
virtual void end (SkPath *dst) const
virtual void nextSpan (int u, int v, int ucount, SkPath *dst) const
 Low-level virtual called per span of locations in the u-direction. More...
const SkMatrixgetMatrix () const
 Sk2DPathEffect (const SkMatrix &mat)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkRefCntBase
void internal_dispose_restore_refcnt_to_1 () const
 Allow subclasses to call this if they've overridden internal_dispose so they can reset fRefCnt before the destructor is called or if they choose not to call the destructor (e.g. More...

Private Types

typedef Sk2DPathEffect INHERITED

Private Attributes

SkPath fPath

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SkPathEffect
enum  DashType { kNone_DashType, kDash_DashType }
 If the PathEffect can be represented as a dash pattern, asADash will return kDash_DashType and None otherwise. More...
- Public Types inherited from SkFlattenable
enum  Type {
  kSkColorFilter_Type, kSkDrawable_Type, kSkDrawLooper_Type, kSkImageFilter_Type,
  kSkMaskFilter_Type, kSkPathEffect_Type, kSkPixelRef_Type, kSkRasterizer_Type,
  kSkShaderBase_Type, kSkUnused_Type, kSkUnused_Xfermode_Type, kSkNormalSource_Type
typedef sk_sp< SkFlattenable >(* Factory )(SkReadBuffer &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sk2DPathEffect
bool filterPath (SkPath *, const SkPath &, SkStrokeRec *, const SkRect *) const override
 Given a src path (input) and a stroke-rec (input and output), apply this effect to the src path, returning the new path in dst, and return true. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkPathEffect
virtual void computeFastBounds (SkRect *dst, const SkRect &src) const
 Compute a conservative bounds for its effect, given the src bounds. More...
virtual bool asPoints (PointData *results, const SkPath &src, const SkStrokeRec &, const SkMatrix &, const SkRect *cullR) const
 Does applying this path effect to 'src' yield a set of points? If so, optionally return the points in 'results'.
virtual DashType asADash (DashInfo *info) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkFlattenable
virtual Factory getFactory () const =0
 Implement this to return a factory function pointer that can be called to recreate your class given a buffer (previously written to by your override of flatten().
virtual const char * getTypeName () const
 Returns the name of the object's class. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkRefCntBase
 SkRefCntBase ()
 Default construct, initializing the reference count to 1.
virtual ~SkRefCntBase ()
 Destruct, asserting that the reference count is 1.
int32_t getRefCnt () const
 Return the reference count. More...
void validate () const
bool unique () const
 May return true if the caller is the only owner. More...
void ref () const
 Increment the reference count. More...
void unref () const
 Decrement the reference count. More...

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