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SkSurfaceProps Class Reference

Describes properties and constraints of a given SkSurface. More...

#include <SkSurfaceProps.h>

Public Types

enum  Flags { kUseDeviceIndependentFonts_Flag = 1 << 0 }
enum  InitType { kLegacyFontHost_InitType }

Public Member Functions

 SkSurfaceProps (uint32_t flags, SkPixelGeometry)
 SkSurfaceProps (InitType)
 SkSurfaceProps (uint32_t flags, InitType)
 SkSurfaceProps (const SkSurfaceProps &other)
uint32_t flags () const
SkPixelGeometry pixelGeometry () const
bool isUseDeviceIndependentFonts () const

Static Public Attributes

static const Flags kUseDistanceFieldFonts_Flag = kUseDeviceIndependentFonts_Flag
 Deprecated alias used by Chromium. More...

Private Attributes

uint32_t fFlags
SkPixelGeometry fPixelGeometry

Detailed Description

Describes properties and constraints of a given SkSurface.

The rendering engine can parse these during drawing, and can sometimes optimize its performance (e.g. disabling an expensive feature).

Member Data Documentation

const Flags SkSurfaceProps::kUseDistanceFieldFonts_Flag = kUseDeviceIndependentFonts_Flag

Deprecated alias used by Chromium.

Will be removed.

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