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SkUnPreMultiply Class Reference

Public Types

typedef uint32_t Scale

Static Public Member Functions

static const Scale * GetScaleTable ()
static Scale GetScale (U8CPU alpha)
static U8CPU ApplyScale (Scale scale, U8CPU component)
 Usage: More...
static SkColor PMColorToColor (SkPMColor c)
static uint32_t UnPreMultiplyPreservingByteOrder (SkPMColor c)

Static Private Attributes

static const uint32_t gTable [256]

Member Function Documentation

static U8CPU SkUnPreMultiply::ApplyScale ( Scale  scale,
U8CPU  component 


const Scale* table = SkUnPreMultiply::GetScaleTable();

for (...) { unsigned a = ... SkUnPreMultiply::Scale scale = table[a];

red = SkUnPreMultiply::ApplyScale(scale, red); ... now red is unpremultiplied }

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