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SkSize Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

SkSizeoperator= (const SkISize &src)
void set (SkScalar w, SkScalar h)
bool isZero () const
 Returns true iff fWidth == 0 && fHeight == 0.
bool isEmpty () const
 Returns true if either widht or height are <= 0.
void setEmpty ()
 Set the width and height to 0.
SkScalar width () const
SkScalar height () const
bool equals (SkScalar w, SkScalar h) const
SkISize toRound () const
SkISize toCeil () const
SkISize toFloor () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SkSize Make (SkScalar w, SkScalar h)
static SkSize Make (const SkISize &src)
static SkSize MakeEmpty ()

Public Attributes

SkScalar fWidth
SkScalar fHeight

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