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SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer Struct Reference

Glyph and position buffers associated with a run. More...

#include <SkTextBlob.h>

Public Attributes

SkScalar * pos
char * utf8text
uint32_t * clusters

Detailed Description

Glyph and position buffers associated with a run.

A run is a sequence of glyphs sharing the same font metrics and positioning mode.

If textByteCount is 0, utf8text and clusters will be NULL (no character information will be associated with the glyphs).

utf8text will point to a buffer of size textByteCount bytes.

clusters (if not NULL) will point to an array of size count. For each glyph, give the byte-offset into the text for the first byte in the first character in that glyph's cluster. Each value in the array should be an integer less than textByteCount. Values in the array should either be monotonically increasing (left-to-right text) or monotonically decreasing (right-to-left text). This definiton is conviently the same as used by Harfbuzz's hb_glyph_info_t::cluster field, except that Harfbuzz interleaves glyphs and clusters.

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