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GrSamplerParams Class Reference

Represents the filtering and tile modes used to access a texture. More...

#include <GrSamplerParams.h>

Public Types

enum  FilterMode { kNone_FilterMode, kBilerp_FilterMode, kMipMap_FilterMode }

Public Member Functions

 GrSamplerParams (SkShader::TileMode tileXAndY, FilterMode filterMode)
 GrSamplerParams (const SkShader::TileMode tileModes[2], FilterMode filterMode)
 GrSamplerParams (const GrSamplerParams &params)
GrSamplerParamsoperator= (const GrSamplerParams &params)
void reset ()
void reset (SkShader::TileMode tileXAndY, FilterMode filterMode)
void reset (const SkShader::TileMode tileModes[2], FilterMode filterMode)
void setClampNoFilter ()
void setClamp ()
void setFilterMode (FilterMode filterMode)
void setTileModeX (const SkShader::TileMode tm)
void setTileModeY (const SkShader::TileMode tm)
void setTileModeXAndY (const SkShader::TileMode tm)
SkShader::TileMode getTileModeX () const
SkShader::TileMode getTileModeY () const
bool isTiled () const
FilterMode filterMode () const
bool operator== (const GrSamplerParams &other) const
bool operator!= (const GrSamplerParams &other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const GrSamplerParamsClampNoFilter ()
static const GrSamplerParamsClampBilerp ()

Private Attributes

SkShader::TileMode fTileModes [2]
FilterMode fFilterMode

Detailed Description

Represents the filtering and tile modes used to access a texture.

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